Wedding Details

We are getting married in the Cathedral in Dunkeld and then our wedding reception and party is being held at Perth Concert Hall in Perth City.

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Wedding Gifts?

Your presence at the wedding is the best present. However, if you would like to give a gift, we'd be honoured to receive a little something towards our dream honeymoon.

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Our Dream Honeymoon

We are planning a dream honeymoon to Australia and other countries and we will be posting information about our trip so we can share it with you.

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Our Story

Steve and Simone Wedding

Simone and I met “on a bus” in 2003 while touring the UK with work. Steve was speaking at the events and Simone was organising them and we got to know each other playing chess on the bus and spending time on the road. The business relationship turned to friendship and then romance blossomed.

We got engaged at the most northerly point in Ireland with a view of Scotland over the Irish Sea in July 2012. In October 2013 we announced that Simone was expecting our first baby and in April 2014 our wee bundle of joy Connor entered the world.

On 13th September 2014 we get married and look forward to continuing the rest of our lives together…





  • So happy for you both! Really looking forward to families and friends gathering together to celebrate this wonderful day. Lots of love Auntie Lynne ;) xxx

    -Lynne Gleave

  • It's been too long dear friend. We are soooo looking forward to seeing you two get hitched, it will be wonderful to share this treasured day with you and your boys. We have just printed the boarding cards and are really excited. Simone.. you always shine with such a sincere beauty, a prism reflecting all the love around you. Have an amazing day and an amazing life together. Much love.xx

    -Anita & Nick

  • Marriage is like a chemical reaction where two elements interact with each other and totally different compounds are created. So, you two are the elements and we now see that one of the compounds is the beautiful wee Connor. Best of luck for the big day & May you have a long & happy life together.

    -Dad & Liz. xxxx

  • Congratulations again you two! We are so happy for you and are SO damn badly wishing we could be there on your very special day. Just a bit too far away for us : ( Will be thinking of you. Can't wait to see the photos and all those kilts, especially Connors!! Hope it's perfect. Lots and lots of love from downunder xoxoxoxo

    -Claire, Paul, Lulu & Storm xxxx

  • Congratulations! Wishing you both all the best on your wedding day and for your future together. Have a great honeymoon too. With all our love.

    -Tracey and Steve

  • Congratulations again, Steve & Simoneski! Lindsay and are I incredibly happy for you guys and feel lucky to have been witness to the early days of the courtship in Edinburgh. One hogmanay specifically comes to mind. We are truly gutted to not be able to be there for the big day but are confident that Steve, you will be live streaming. Hope to see you in our wee country on your dream honeymoon. xo


  • How lovely to be able to join in anticipating the big day! So thanks to you for this webpage and here's the very best of luck from all of us. Dunkeld and Perth will each host a beautiful occasion on Sept 13th. Much love xxx

    -Fiona, Ian, Eilidh, Finley

  • What am awesome idea this set up is! Not organised, my arse! We are so looking forward to helping you guys celebrate your huge day! It's going to be bloody brilliant. The digs look amazing and I have no doubt that we will have THE BEST TIME. It is a week tomorrow that we fly out, and the countdown is on. Also looking forward to having cuddles with wee Connor. See you all in a couple of weeks. Woop woop xx

    -Jamie, Rache and Raina Harrison

  • My two favourite people are getting married and I'm so looking forward to being a part of your big day !!! Lots of love and luck xxx

    -Joanne, Marc, Patrick & Nicole xx

  • Hey Guys love the website and really can't wait for the big day, see you in just over 3 weeks xxxx

    -Maureen, Svanur and Greta